Is Your Job Safe?

As technology grows, will we?

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It’s a scary thought, to look down at your phone and wonder if you’ll be obsolete before it is. People have feared technology stealing their job since the industrial revolution but it has always been that with new technology there are new jobs. Although this past may not reoccur as the tech industry expands and the rate at which technology grows quickens every day.

Are you safe? Type your profession into and see.

Who will be fine?

Jobs that rest upon the development of real human connection like nurses, psychologists and social workers are the most safe career choices. People are not going to want to feel the cold metal hand of a robot as they weep into a tissue.

Professions that require a good deal of creativity like scientists, writers and artists are quite safe according to the website. This security may not be as rock-solid as it intuitively seems though, as Robot painters like E-David can create powerful paintings that seem intensely human made.

Who Should Be Worried?

Work that involves repetitive tasks or not much lateral thinking may suffer as technology increases. Factory workers, accountants, drivers, etc., should start to look into broadening their skillset or reframing what they do.


We can hope that new technology will do what it always has and be ultimately beneficial to everybody in society – allowing people more time to work on what they like and spend with the ones they love.