How To Get Past The Gatekeeper?

Get past the gatekeeper
Get past the gatekeeper

If you’ve ever done a cold call or know anyone who has, I’m sure you’re aware or have been told of the pain you have to go through.

It’s no easy task to just get past the gatekeepers. I’ll be honest with you and say that there is not one tried and tested way to guarantee you results every time. A great sales person is always a step ahead.

He or she knows the objections they are going to face and is prepared for them. Most importantly a great sales person KNOWS that the gatekeeper is trained and most probably is experienced in dealing with cold calls.


Confidence. I believe confidence is key as it dictates your attitude, your tone and it portrays a sense of demand in your voice which quite often motivates people to take actions which are in your favor.

Target Person: if you know the person who you want to talk to who makes decisions, I strongly suggest you use it. Never use the last name as it sounds too formal, you want to come across as though you are already dealing with this person.

Company Name: Never say for example; ‘It’s Noah Cohen from Cohen Training Institute is John Smith available?’ Instead say ‘hi, is John there please?’ When they ask you are then say “Noah from CTI” It’s short, it’s sweet and it’s effective.

Speed & Level of Importance: Think about a time you’d have got a call and you felt intimidated by the way the other person spoke therefore you took action. The way you talk should have a curtain speak as though it is an urgent call yet not dismissive so that you offend the gatekeeper.

Finally, please remember the gatekeeper DOES NOT need to know you, your company, your products, services OR even believe you can help the company. That is NOT their job and neither is it yours to satisfy them of that.