Employ Me To Make Life Easier

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Employ Me

Are you sick of typing a heap of different cover letters? Tired of having to print thousands of resumes? Had enough of dressing up to meet employers that are often are not suitable? Never fear, Employ Me has arrived.

Having launched just a few weeks ago, Employ Me is an online database that allows you to impress potential employers by uploading a video resume. If you’re job hunting, you can simply record a video in which you pitch yourself (just as you would in a cover letter), and employers can seek you out, based on how well suited you are to their job.

Based on the premise that personality is just as important as qualification, the website allows employers to ‘meet’ their potential employees. So if you’re a candidate that they believe fits their job well, they can add you to their shortlist. Once shortlisted, the employer has access to your personal contact details, allowing for an uninterrupted and direct employment transaction.

Employers have access to every single video resume in the database. When you create your profile, you are able to add key words relevant to the job you are seeking, making it easier for employers to find their best fit.

Signing up is free, and all it takes is a little bit of time to polish your profile and create your video resume. First impressions are everything, so you can easily knock the socks off your future employers with one simple pitch, without the multitude of awkward job interviews!