Australia’s Top Paying Jobs Revealed

Time for a career change?


This month the Australian Tax Office released details of the highest paying jobs in Australia, so if making serious money is on your agenda, here are the top ten jobs you should be looking for. The lists are different for men and women (and the pay gap is different, too…) but it’s pretty clear from the results that if it’s money you’re after, it’s a medical degree you’ll need.

Top Paying Jobs For Men

  1. Gastroenterologist (average $415,192/year)
  2. Vascular Surgeon (average $417,524/year)
  3. Urologist (average $433,792/year)
  4. Orthopaedic Surgeon (average $439,629/year)
  5. Otorhinolaryngologist (average $445,939/year)
  6. Gynaecologist/Obstetrician (average $446,507/year)
  7. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon (average $448,530/year)
  8. Cardiologist (average $453, 253)
  9. Ophthalmologist (average $552,947/year)
  10. Neurologist (average $577,674/year)

Top Paying Jobs for Women

  1. Ophthalmologist (average $217,242/year)
  2. Anaesthetist (average $243,582/year)
  3. Magistrate (average $260,161/year)
  4. Gastroenterologist (average $260,925/year)
  5. Gynaecologist/Obstetrician (average $264,628/year)
  6. Vascular Surgeon (average $271,529/year)
  7. Futures Trader (average $281,600/year)
  8. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon (average $281,608/year)
  9. Neurosurgeon (average $323,682/year)
  10. Judge (average $355,844/year)

In all of the jobs listed, women only out-earn their male counterparts as magistrates or futures traders.