7 Ways To Save Money and Not Be Broke (Yay!)

7 ways to make that money - and keep it.

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Saving Money

Money may not be with you all throughout the year.

There are downs and ups when it comes to the financial resources and income of an individual or family.

Dealing with financial difficulties means establishing budgeting techniques as early as possible.

There is also a need for us to master the art of stretching our available money.

There are 7 tips to remind yourself of as you try to stay financially stable

1. Make a List

Make a list of your unwanted budgeting habits. This includes all those you think of being not useful or helpful for you and your financial needs and financial security. (We’re looking at you Ms. 3 lattes a day).

2. Make a Plan

Plan how to take the first steps in changing old habits which made your budget method a failure. (Buy a thermos/flask today, save the environment and your wallet).

3. Make a Checklist

Manage your income and the amount of money you spend by preparing a sort of tally sheet of such information. (This is a short version of your “list” that you can actually carry around. It’s important. Use the “Notes” app on your phone if you need to).

4. Mark Your Calendar with BIG STUFF

Prepare your spend plan. This must include all your foreseen expenditures. (Rent on the 4th; Utilities on the 11th; Phone on the 29th. You get the idea).


Collect receipts and note items you spent the most on. (You’d be so surprised at the small items that add up.)

6. Alternate

Limit spending by looking for some alternatives to whatever receipts are heaviest. (Start packing that lunch.)

7. Spend What You Have, Not What You Will Have

Limit use of credit cards and cheques as much as possible. It’s difficult enough to keep track of how much is in your bank account. Don’t add to the confusion by promising away money you don’t have yet.

These points are great reminders. If followed, you’ll see a major improvement in your budget techniques.