3 Marketing Lessons To Learn From The White Walkers

3 Marketing Lessons to Learn from the White Walkers

We’ve all feared the White Walkers, but as a marketer you can learn a thing or two from these glowing blue-eyed creatures.

  1. There’s always strength in numbers
    But that’s not enough… numbers are only as good as scaring off the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings. The same goes for marketing. Since the dawn of digital communications, marketers cannot just blast the same message to everyone, everywhere. An email sent to 8,000 email addresses could perform really poorly compared to a targeted email sent to 2,000 segmented customers and prospects. Segmenting data to send relevant and timely information to customers and prospects also allows for better tracking and measurement. Acting on these results would then help in making better business decisions and reducing marketing wastage.
  2. Element of surprise
    Last year’s buzzword was ‘Big Data’ and every marketer wanted their hands on it. The year before that, it was ‘Native Advertising,’ and again, every marketer was doing native advertising. This year, it’s video and personalisation at scale and every marketer…. you get the drill. Jon Snow really knew nothing. The White Walkers attacked at the right time and place and no one saw it coming. Marketers have been told since time immemorial to think outside the box, and that’s one thing that never changes in the world of marketing.
  3. Outsourcing
    We’re not suggesting turning the living into the undead to build a huge army. We’re talking about the famous proverb “No man is an island”. Outsourcing, when used effectively, is a cost-effective way of leveraging others’ expertise to your advantage. Marketers, now more than ever, have quite a myriad of things ahead of them, no matter the size of your business or budget. The help of the right service provider, consultant, vendor, or agency could drastically change the results of your efforts for the better.

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