20 of the Most Epic Wedding Photos of All Time


Blowing Her Away

The bride might have been blown away by her love for the groom or the extraordinary day of celebrations itself but what really took it out of her was the wind. Who knew that her enemy was none other than the elements. We heard rain may be good luck on your wedding day though?

The bride is clearly having a tough time on her wedding day. It is not the most picturesque day of her dreams that she had in mind. An umbrella isn’t exactly the best wedding accessory that a bride could have on her wedding day. Let’s hope the rest of her day went as planned.

 Mother Outshines the Bride

The Mother-In-Law wore a wedding dress to the wedding of her now daughter-in-law. What a way to show up the bride by arriving in your very own wedding dress. Wow the bride must have been angry seeing her Mother-In-Law rock up in that outfit. Hope there isn’t any bad blood between them.

Possible tension on this wedding day? When the mother-in-law rocked up to the big day in a very similar wedding dress to that of the bride, it’s hard to believe that she wasn’t trying to steal her thunder. A definite wedding fail and upset from the bride on this special day.

Grandpa Objects!

The priest asked…any objections, the bride’s 90-year old grandpa stood up silent for a moment, saying “no no, I kid, I kid”. Someone needs to tell Grandpa to keep his jokes to himself or for another time, don’t you think? Or maybe save it for the reception.

Whoops! Phone Etiquette Please!

A phone went off in the middle of a ceremony. The middle-aged priest was unamused, paused the wedding ceremony and started lecturing the congregation on the etiquette of a church service. “No phones allowed!”. Turns out it was his phone ringing…awkward. Better but put it on vibrate next time.

Let’s hope that next time the priest either puts his phone on silent or keeps his lecturing to his own church congregation, what an awkward ceremony this was. What a wedding fail at this ceremony! A phone ringing really kills the romantic ambiance at any wedding ceremony, doesn’t it?  

Flower Girl or Birthday Girl?

The flower girl for this ceremony seemed to be confused about her role and what she was actually doing at the Wedding and the celebrations. She sang Happy Birthday the whole way down the aisle along with her dog in hand. Pretty cute, but I am sure it wasn’t the wedding entry that the couple envisioned for their special day.

This flower girl although very cute really did make quite a memorable entry. Seems as though no one briefed her on her job description. Oh well, I am sure it was a hilarious and memorable moment of the special flower girl nonetheless.

Photographer Down!

This could have been a great photo if the wedding photographer didn’t take a slip! While falling he managed to snap this pic on the way down! Maybe it was the photographer’s way of getting a little creative to get the perfect shot…despite the situation it still was a funny memory captured in print.

The shock on the bridal party’s faces is one of complete worry, concern maybe even terror as the wedding photographer fell to the floor. This snap is such an epic wedding fail on the photographer’s behalf but one that would make a hilarious memory of the day!

Not the Cake!

All that money spent on a cake and it went splat to the ground! One of the most anticipated events of the entire Wedding extravaganza is the cutting of the cake, it clearly didn’t happen at this wedding. It seems as though this terrible accident occurred just before the big cake moment. Oh well, next time we guess?

Was it chocolate, vanilla or carrot cake we wonder? This mishap really did end up a complete mess and leaving us wondering how the cake actually tasted. The cake going head first straight into the ground might not have been the most ideal way to end the night and hopefully didn’t leave anyone hungry.

 Suns Out Guns Out…

These sleeveless groomsmen definitely took a different approach to the traditional wedding fashion style. Whilst not a conventional idea, these groomsmen sported a tux with no sleeves leaving all arms bare. Definitely more of a failed fashion look than a fresh trending take on the classic tuxedo.

The pop of blue in these sleeveless tuxedos really does draw the eye but what draws the eye more all the arms that maybe shouldn’t have been on display at this wedding. But whatever the bride and groom say goes we guess….

Wrong Place Wrong Time

This photographer captured another funny wedding fail moment when a groom showed up to what he thought was his own wedding. He looked very confused when he realised he didn’t recognise anyone. Wrong groom, wrong church and the wrong date apparently. Let’s hope his bride wasn’t waiting for him somewhere else.

The Groom Switch! Whoops! Don’t these groomsmen look a little lost. They better hurry back to their own wedding ceremony and reception before the bride worries that they did a runner on their own wedding. Was probably a shock to the wedding congregation when they spotted a different groom. 


The Maid of Honour at this wedding thinking she would catch the bouquet at her best friend’s wedding got in a fight with yes, a 10-year old over the bunch of flowers. She yelled, “please I’m twenty-four”. With everyone watching on, it seemed as though no one knew how to break the pair up.

The Maid of Honour decided to let the 10-year old girl have it thinking that she would probably get married before her anyway. Awkward. Then her Mother made her give the bouquet back to Maid of Honour! How embarrassing! Let’s hope that one of them gets engaged or married soon then!

Watch Out!

The bride and groom thought it would be a nice tough for guests to receive small bags of rice to throw in the air like confetti, an old tradition apparently. One guest proceeded to throw the whole bag straight at the face of the bride herself. What a shot! Whoops!

Bet the bride and groom now regret making this nice decorative touch to their exit! It looks like a swarm of bees are attacking the bride, luckily these were not deadly. Let’s just hope she didn’t have her mouth or eyes open when this photo was taken!