20 of the Most Epic Wedding Photos of All Time


Blowing Her Away

The bride might have been blown away by her love for the groom or the extraordinary day of celebrations itself but what really took it out of her was the wind. Who knew that her enemy was none other than the elements. We heard rain may be good luck on your wedding day though?

The bride is clearly having a tough time on her wedding day. It is not the most picturesque day of her dreams that she had in mind. An umbrella isn’t exactly the best wedding accessory that a bride could have on her wedding day. Let’s hope the rest of her day went as planned.

 Mother Outshines the Bride

The Mother-In-Law wore a wedding dress to the wedding of her now daughter-in-law. What a way to show up the bride by arriving in your very own wedding dress. Wow the bride must have been angry seeing her Mother-In-Law rock up in that outfit. Hope there isn’t any bad blood between them.

Possible tension on this wedding day? When the mother-in-law rocked up to the big day in a very similar wedding dress to that of the bride, it’s hard to believe that she wasn’t trying to steal her thunder. A definite wedding fail and upset from the bride on this special day.