VELVENOIR is Fusing Art & Interior Design

CrowdInk had the chance to sit down (virtually) with Alexandra Schafer founder of VELVENOIR, a revolutionary high-end art consultancy service that brings together art and interior design.

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Alexandra Schafer of VELVENOIR

CrowdInk had the chance to sit down (virtually) with Alexandra Schafer founder of VELVENOIR, a revolutionary high-end art consultancy service that brings together art and interior design. She talks about the importance of art to turn a house into a home, art as a personal statement, entrepreneurship, and the inspiration behind her Austrian-based business (spoiler: it’s pretty far from home).

CrowdInk: Tell us about your brand.

Alexandra Schafer: VELVENOIR is a concept developed over the years to share the unique synergy of art and interior design online through our platform and offline through our projects, showrooms and events hosted throughout the year. VELVENOIR stands for a high end art consultancy services, for interior designers, property developers as well as for the art collector from tomorrow. Our mission is: a great project requires a personal statement, an original touch in combination with a unique concept. We aim to develop together with our partners outstanding art & interior design projects and share this unique connection of art and interior design through VELVENOIR. We are transparent with whom we work, we share insights, projects, and more to build a strong platform offering a curated content for our clients.  

CI: How did you get started? What was your inspiration?

AS: I launched VELVENOIR in Salzburg, Austria as the first online gallery in Austria. I know a lot has changed since then. The main inspiration was my trip in the Outback of Australia where I travelled with my sister from Alice Springs to Darwin. We stopped at various little aboriginal galleries where we could watch them create their mesmerizing art. Looking at the art, the way they painted inspired me to start my own business with the main focus to make a difference with art. I want to share this unique connection with the world.

CI: What’s one design accessory that all living spaces need? 

AS: Honestly, every living space should have one personal statement and that statement is an original artwork that inspires you on a daily basis.

CI: How do you spend your free time? Hobby? 

AS: In my free time I love to walk around, travel, read books and do agility with my dog.

CI: What is your number one piece of interior design advice? 

AS: Create the home of your life by using personal statements. Your home is your story.

CI: What is your tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

AS: When starting your own business, start – reflect and keep on going. Trust the process. The beginning is always hard, but don’t give up easily. 

Check out the VELVENOIR platform here.

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Alexandra Schafer founded VELVENOIR in Salzburg, Austria with one simple goal in mind: to transform people´s lives by enchanting their homes with original art, together with her international partners. The desire to create the brand VELVENOIR originated not only from Alexandra Schafer’s passion for art and her devotion to design, but also from her realization that finding a company that offers it all such as excellent service, passion and partners who are able developing outstanding concepts tailored to their client´s needs was constant challenge. Launching Velvenoir,, she spent more than a year searching the best galleries, art fairs and attending numerous vernissages in order to find the 50 artists who share a similar vision as her own.