The Best Instagram Accounts for Tiny House Inspiration

The tiny house movement has taken over Instagram and we are here for it.


Tiny House
Tiny House

People around the world have fallen in love with the minimalist, sustainable and freeing lifestyle of tiny house living. These Instagram accounts offer inspiration and insight into the tiny home lifestyle along with a healthy dose of cuteness from these beaufitul little houses.

Living Big in a Tiny House


Bryce Langston started Living Big in a Tiny House as a YouTube show in 2013. The Instagram and YouTube channel both explore exciting and innovative downsized living. This is the perfect tiny house Instagram to get caught up in.

Tiny Homes


This account showcases the best tiny homes around the world. It is just the right account to explore when you are in need of a tiny home fix. Get lost in the aesthetics and find yourself inspired.

Operation Atlas


Amy and Dylan finished building their tiny house in 2017 and have since been travelling around in it. The house is built on wheels to accommodate the couple’s lifestyle as Amy is a travelling nurse and Dylan works remotely as a software engineer. Their instagram account is a heartwarming glimpse into the life of this couple and their adorable cat in their tiny home on the road.

Tiny Away


Tiny Away have intertwined tiny houses with eco-tourism in Australia. The account showcases a number of popular tiny house destinations around NSW and Victoria that can be rented for getaways.

Girl in a Tiny House


Ashlee lives by herself in a tiny home in Western Australia. Her motto is “home is where I park it” as she tows her tiny house to wherever she goes next. Girl in a Tiny House makes minimalistic living look truly dreamy. You may just want to follow in Ashlee’s footsteps after exploring this Instagram.

Tiny House


Tiny House is the Instagram of Brent Heavener, author of Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big. Tiny House celebrates the tiny house lifestyle and makes it look oh-so-good.

Whether you own a tiny house, are hoping to build one or are just intrigued by them – I think we can all agree that looking at tiny houses on Instagram is a wonderful part of the internet.