US Senators Respond to Facebook Data Mining

The United States Government has introduced a bill to counteract Zuckerberg’s ‘mistake’.

US Senators Respond to Facebook Data Mining (The New Daily)
US Senators Respond to Facebook Data Mining (The New Daily)

Two Senate Judiciary Committee members in the United States have introduced a bill to counteract Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s privacy breach.

The Kennedy-Klobuchar bill will give consumers the power to disable data tracking. It will also force Facebook to notify individuals if their privacy is being breached within 72 hours.

“The digital space can’t keep operating like the Wild Wild West at the expense of our privacy,” Klobuchar said.

It was made public knowledge this week, that Zuckerberg allowed a Cambridge professor to collect personal data on roughly 87 million Facebook users in the United States. He then shared this information with the same political consulting firm that worked for the Donald Trump campaign, a piece of information that definitely raised red flags.

Zuckerberg very publicly labelled it a ‘mistake’, but the Kennedy-Klobuchar bill can ensure this won’t happen again. The bill will see consumers making the decision about what personal data they want to share.



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