Ten Worst City’s for Dole Bludging in Australia

Welfare cheats to be ‘cracked down’ on for misbehaving

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Top ten dole-bludging cities and towns (Image Source: yahoo)

A list of the top ten places in Australia where dole bludging occurs has been released, with the Australian Government being questioned about whether or not it should have been released.

The report, which says ‘nearly 50,000 people in Australia are capable of work but regularly do not attend job interviews and work-for-the-dole appointments’, also said a ‘driver’s license demerit point system will be put in place to punish those cheating the system and who don’t turn up to work or appointments’.

Human Services Minister Alan Tudge further confirmed the governments crack down on welfare cheats, telling the Today Show, “There are hotspots around Australia where some people are consistently failing to turn up to job interviews,

“They have been getting away with that and we are determined to change that system”, he continued.

Over a course of five years, the Australian Government aims to save $632 million by cutting payments of people missing job interviews.

To see which towns made the list, see it below.

  1. Caboolture, Queensland
  2. Blacktown, New South Wales
  3. Mildura, Victoria
  4. Frankston, Victoria
  5. Deception Bay, Queensland
  6. Werribee, Victoria
  7. St Albans, Victoria
  8. Dubbo, New South Wales
  9. Auburn, New South Wales
  10. Dandenong, Victoria