Manchester Arena Concert: 22 Confirmed Deaths from Possible ‘Attack’

An Ariana Grande concert in Manchester has fallen victim to a deadly blast, a number of people have been confirmed dead and many others injured.

Manchester Arena Concert: (Image Source: CNN),,, crowd ink, crowdink
Manchester Arena Concert: (Image Source: CNN)

At least 22 people are confirmed dead and at least 50 injured after an apparent explosion during an Arianna Grande concert in Manchester Arena.
As Grande left the stage, reports of loud bangs were heard, resulting in the crowd fleeing from the area.
One explosion was confirmed to have struck around 10:30pm local time (7:30am AEST), though recent reports claimed it was outside the foyer, it is now being said to have occurred outside the arena.
Sources have claimed Grande is safe and unharmed.
There has currently been no confirmation as to what has caused the deaths, and police and bomb disposal teams are on site. Authorities are considering the possibility of the incident as a terrorist attack.
A video was recently posted on social media showing the audience members fleeing after a loud bang noise was heard.
Information is still being released about the incident. Police are advising that people stay away from the area, and all trains heading out of Manchester station have now been blocked.