Start Your Engines: The Grand Tour returns December 8th

Cars, calamity and comradery: how hard can it be?

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Grand Tour

Amazon Prime’s resident car enthusiasts are back with a second season of the hit show: The Grand Tour. Clarkson, Hammond and May are back with what promises to be more monkey business. There was much anticipation for season one after the trio left Top Gear, and the show lived up to its hype with 13 entertaining and high-octane episodes taking place across the globe.

There have been a few modifications to this season. The studio tent in season one was shot in a series of locations around the world – however, this time, they will all be filmed in the Cotswolds. Amazon said this was made on the health grounds of the three hosts who have ‘sore joints, struggling lungs and combined age of 158’. Mike Skinner aka ‘The American’ is rumoured to be absent and ‘Celebrity Brain Crash’ is gone altogether.

The boys are renowned for jetting off to far locations for filming and in this season filming took place in Mozambique, Switzerland, New York and Georgia (the country).

If season 1 is anything to go by then we are in for one hell of a ride with Season 2

You can catch all the antics online at

Channel 7 are currently airing Season 1, Thursdays at 9:30