Carrie Fisher’s Beloved Pooch Recognised Her in The Last Jedi.

Time to reach for the tissues to catch all the tears

Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher

The beloved late actress was well known for her close and loving relationship with Garry, her French bulldog therapy dog with an errant tongue. He would accompany her to screenings, interviews and movie premieres and the two built up quite the social media following because they were so adorable together. Garry, who now lives with Fisher’s former assistant, still maintains a prominent social media profile.

Garry was such a big part of Fisher’s life and work that Rian Johnson, the director of The Last Jedi, even gave him a part in the film as a little alien. In tribute to an amazing life, Johnson dedicated the premiere of The Last Jedi to Carrie Fisher, and Gary was there to see it.

And, somehow simultaneously heartbreakingly and heart-warmingly, Gary recognised his mum on the big screen. According to sources from inside the premiere, Garry’s ears perked up every time he saw his mum on screen.

You may commence crying now, everyone else already has.

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