Avoid Regrets: Who Not to Take on Your Travels

Friends on Travel (Image Source: seattlestravels), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
Friends on Travel (Image Source: seattlestravels)

If you’re stuck on deciding which friend you’ll take on your next overseas adventure, maybe this list will narrow it down for you.

The decision on who you choose to travel with is very important and I don’t think people realise it until it’s too late. The often under-rated decision will make or break your trip. So take it from me, the following characteristics should not be sharing a hostel room with you.

1. The person with the MASSIVE suitcase:

We all have that one friend who seems to take their entire wardrobe on every trip, even if it’s just for a weekend. So if you decide to travel around the world with this person, then expect to wait… a lot, as they fuss over what to wear to the Colosseum tour or take hours perfecting their hair with the styling tools (that they brought in their giant suitcases). I’ll be blunt; you’ll have put it upon yourself if you take her highness with you travelling.

2. The Sleeper Inner:

Some people are just not morning people: but when you’re travelling the best time to do anything is early in the morning. If you want to beat those ever aggravating queues, then it’s a must to get there early! This might be difficult if you have a travel buddy that doesn’t know the concept of life before 10am.

3. The Light Weight:

Let’s face it, you’re young, you’re on holiday and you don’t have the responsibly of driving – you’re going to have a few cheeky bevs now and then. But if you take that friend who is a cheap drunk, they’ll be falling over themselves after just one glass of wine, and guess who’s going to get the task of looking after them? Well, it’s not going to be the bus driver, that’s for sure.

4. That Cheap Friend:

I’m not saying it’s bad to be a little stingy on a trip, I get it, you’re on a budget and you need to stretch your savings out for a two month trip. Saving is a great skill to have. But there is a fine line between being money savvy and being an irritating tight ass. You know they’ve taken it too far when they’re going to such lengths as filling their bag with those free individual sauces and mustards you find at Wetherspoons in England. Or similarly, sugar packets at cafes…