Prophetic Art with Grace Bailey: Painting With God

An inspiring artist, using talent and faith to uplift the spirit

Grace Bailey
Grace Bailey

Grace Bailey is a talented prophetic artist based in Victoria, whose powerful faith allows her to paint under the guidance of God, with his instruction and vision.

Grace’s artistic career began with large-scale oil paintings, predominantly portraits, featuring images of strong characters, often coloured men. Some of her early oil paintings centre on life in Africa, after a visit to the continent. She visited orphanages and saw sights that affected her greatly, which influenced her work at the time.

Grace’s favourite piece of art is the drummer lion that she created and titled The Power of Worship. She says it is the first time she ‘painted with angels.’ Every brush stroke was just right, and Grace claims there is ‘a whole lot of power that we can release with worship.”

The Power of Worship - Drummer Lion
The Power of Worship – Drummer Lion

Grace’s journey into prophetic art didn’t come without challenges. At first explaining the symbolism of the works was uncomfortable.

“I initially didn’t tell people what I thought they meant. When I first started, an older man discounted what he thought God said to him because of what I’d said. It meant that he missed what God was speaking to him.”

As well as public opinion, Grace has had to adjust, relearn or unlearn certain aspects of her craft for her new style.

“I’d picked up that it’s not okay for art to be beautiful and it took me a lot of time to come to terms with.”

Grace does not want to follow the macabre pieces commonly in modern works.

“I believe the purpose of art is to uplift.”

Attitude by Grace Bailey
Attitude by Grace Bailey

“The changing thought process between my different styles was the hardest thing, and the book was how I worked through that, some of it came off the end of my fingers before I knew I’d written it. God inspired me to write the book.” Says Grace.

Grace continues to evolve her work, under the guidance of God, and is now comfortable explaining the symbolism behind her art.

Grace’s book Painting with God is available for sale on her website and explains how she found prophetic art and her journey to understand it.

Love by Grace Bailey
Love by Grace Bailey

Click HERE to check out Grace Bailey’s website. Her incredible works are also available for purchase on the site, as is her story, of how she came to inspire with art, through faith.

Grace Bailey – Artist Statement

After a couple of decades as a large-scale oil portrait painter, now I paint live with acrylics in front of an audience during worship, sometimes in front of thousands of people.

My paintings are exhortations to rise above circumstances and embrace the good, the noble and the lovely. They are mostly metaphors for elements of the human condition, often using animals to represent different facets; love, hope, compassion, determination, etc.

They unashamedly go after beauty, albeit in a contemporary realist style which uses a vivid colour scheme to illustrate different symbolism within the works

Connect with Grace:

Grace Bailey
Grace Bailey
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